Nitenumen DX3

  • Manufactured by: NITENUMEN


Nitenumen DX3 Diving Flashlight Scuba Diving Light Submarine Light 100M Waterproof  Scuba diving Equipment Scuba Safety Lights,Diving Backup Light,USB Rechargeable  3400mAh 18650 battery/Lanyard

Aluminium alloy pipe shaft + tail a body structure, use more simple, anti-throw toughened glass lenses.
The external structure:it is made of the aviation aluminum with anti-rolling and anti-slipping design.Its surface is processed with the anti-wearing treatment of hard anodizing in three-grade army regulations.
In the package,there are 3.7V 18650 USB rechargeable lithium battery with the protective plate in the positive electrode to prevent over-charging and over-discharging.After the charging is completed,it will be automatically disconnected to the power supply.The continuous recharging for a long time is not affected.Turn off the flashlight until the battery is exhausted,it can be used continuously after charging the next time.
Best suited for:diving,Camping,hiking,trekking,hunting,fishing,car emergency
Anti-reverse connection designs which can prevent the battery being reversed and endangering the circuit Anti-Reverse-Anschluss-Design,die es verhindern kann,dass die Batterie umgekehrt und den Stromkreis gefährdet.